Business Loans

Owner Occupied Real Estate

  • Owner Occupied Real Estate
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Local Underwriting
  • Low Bank Fees and Closing Costs
  • Construction Loans
  • Servicing Retained by SSB
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Land/Lot Loan

  • Land/Lot Loan
  • Land Development
  • Recreational Land Financing Available
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Agricultural Land
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Line of Credit

  • Line of Credit
  • Interest Only Repayment
  • Multiple Draw Options
  • Low Annual Loan Fee
  • Reduced Closing Costs
  • Monthly Floating Interest Rate
  • Check Writing Capability
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Fixed Rate Equipment Financing

  • Fixed Rate Equipment Financing
  • Fixed Rate and Fixed Term
  • Servicing Retained by SSB
  • Reduced Closing Costs
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Commercial Lenders

Matthew Litty

Dylan Kaufman