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July 1, 2023

Issue 2

Volume I

Our New Refreshed Website

Why was building our new website so important?

We consider our website our digital office. That is the only “office” some of our clients ever see. Making our Brand show through our website and making it efficient were the main goals. It took a lot of hours, hard work, and a lot of team member’s dedication and input to make our digital office as great as our brick-and-mortar offices. We want to make every experience our clients have with SSB an effective, efficient, and pleasant one, including our website. Providing you with pertinent information, provided services and online capabilities will help to make your life more efficient. We hope that you enjoy our website and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to call 330-878-5555.

Skilling up our Team

Left to Right

Nick McMillen - President & CEO

Jordan Metzger- Strasburg Branch Manager

McKenzi Contini - VP & Director of Retail Operations

Rick Ross - Dover Branch Manager & Mortgage Loan Officer

COCC Conference 2023

Left to Right

Kim Castello - VP & Director of Mortgage Lending

Nick McMillen - President & CEO

McKenzi Contini - VP & Director of Retail Operations


Left to Right

David Lawrence - Commercial Lender

Neil Gingerich - Commercial Lender

OBL Next Gen Conference

Feedback from our Team

Overall, I left the conference feeling confident that SSB Community Bank is on the right path. The Leadership Team has done an excellent job creating a clear vision for the bank and I feel our staff is well equipped to carry out that vision. I’m grateful to work with such a great team and am excited for what the future holds!

-David Lawrence

The OBL Next Gen Conference David and I attended was a great opportunity to network and learn more about the banking industry. It helped me focus on ways to make myself more efficient in my current role while also understanding a wider picture of our bank and how we will grow and push each other to achieve even more as an institution.

-Neil Gingerich

It is always great to hear what others are having some success with so we can implement that

within our institution and also good to hear that others have the same struggles. It gives us the ability to collaborate and share best practice and share with others how we execute our

brand. Time well spent!

- McKenzi Contini

SSB Community Bank has been blessed with growth and success, which is a result of Nick’s team leadership over the last 11 years. I enjoy sharing our visions and success with other bankers and listening to their success stories to help us improve SSB in any way.

I agree with McKenzi regarding the future of banking. I believe we are already there, giving our clients the best possible banking experience!

- Kim Castello

It was great for the four of us to be able to collaborate with each other and also network with

some contacts at COCC and their partners. I’m most excited about E-Open (which will give non-SSB clients the opportunity to open their account through our website) and CardHub (which will integrate advanced debit card controls into our online banking and eventually give us the ability to digitally issue cards at account opening). Exciting stuff for sure!

- Rick Ross

I am very thankful for the opportunity. It was a great learning experience! I enjoyed being able to connect with some of our vendors and COCC partners and to put a name with a face. I loved being able to see demos for E open and Card Hub, which are both projects I can’t wait to get started on. I know our customers will benefit greatly from them and I’m excited for our staff to see them as well. Definitely time well spent between the four of us networking and collaborating on new things!

-Jordan Metzger

3rd Quarter Employee News

Team Anniversaries

Doug Hensel—7/01/78

Tyler Chumney—7/25/22

Jace Hensel—9/01/09

Krista Harstine—9/03/19

Kylie Tritt—9/07/18

Allisan Woods—9/12/22

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