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July 1, 2023

Issue 2

Volume II

Welcome to the TEAM!

SSB’s Team Member Spotlight

Cindy Myers, our Senior VP of Retail Operations/Compliance

Officer, was our Team Member Spotlight for April. Cindy is an

invaluable member of our team at SSB. Everything that she does

behind the scenes can sometimes go unnoticed but is vital to

making sure we can operate our business efficiently and

effectively on a daily basis. Cindy has been a part of our team for

20 years. We are lucky to have you! Congratulations Cindy, here

is to many more years with SSB!

Lori Roberson, Mortgage Processor/Underwriter at our Strasburg office, was our Team Member Spotlight for the month of May. Lori is consistently handling Mortgage Applications, and has taken ownership of underwriting, processing, and dissecting the finan-cials for our lenders. Lori is an invaluable team member, and we are lucky to have her! Congratulations Lori!

McKenzi Contini, VP & Director of Retail Operations, is our Team Member Spotlight for June. McKenzi's title does not do her jus-tice. She is our Brand Ambassador, retail expert, and has initiated a culture shift to better serve our clients and team members. She is very purposeful about investing in our staff and always pushing the team to be the best version of ourselves. McKenzi takes SSB's Core Values seriously and challenges team members to make sure that our Core Values are not just words on a wall but rather actional behaviors. She takes ownership of whatever is thrown her way and handles her role with hard work, pride, vision, and dedication. McKenzi is an amazing leader, team member, and building block of SSB and we are lucky to have her!

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